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Touristic Information

The Lake Bolsena

The lake is situated in the Northern part of Latium, 25 miles distance from Rome, and borders Umbria and Tuscany. It is a volcanic lake ca. 1300ft. a.s.l.

Its circumference is ca. 30 miles and the max. depth ca. 480ft. The diameter ca. 8 miles.There are two beautiful islands: Bisentina and Martana.

The water has an excellent quality.


The climate

The landscape surrounding the lake is almost green due to the mild climate

It doesn't rain very often and when it rains, sun comes out very quilckly and the soil, of volcanic origin, absorbs the water immediately watering the plants during the long periods of drought.

After a strong rain at the end of summer it seems actually that it is spring again when everything blooms again.

Usually the climate is very mild also during the winter.


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The Wine

Montefiascone is located along the famous "Francigena"´. During the middleage it was used by pilgrims on their way to Rome. Among them ther was also the German Prelate Johannes Fugger. People tell a very famous story about him: Fugger used to love wine, first of all Italian wine. When he arrived to a village he always sent his servant (Martino) ahead to taste the local wine. When the wine was good the servant wrote a large "EST!" (here it is), on the the village´s gate. When he came to Montefiascone the servant was so impressed by the wine that he wrote: "EST! EST!! EST!!!"

And this is already the end of the Fugger story. The Prelate Johannes Fugger arrived and drank himself to death. An almost illegible inscription written by the servant on Fugger's tomb in the Church of San Flaviano says: "EST EST EST" as he had too much of it, my Lord Johannes Fugger died." Therefore the wine of Montefiascone is named: EST!EST!!EST!!!.


Hot Springs

7 Miles far from Montefiascone, we find natural hot water springs for everyone free to visit. The water runs into several natural basins with different temperatures.

They are very appreciated by Italians of all ages, during the day and the night...


Island Martana
The island is so romantic when you see it from far away that you could think that there is the castle of sleeping-beauty on it. It is privately owned, no one can visit it, not even organized excursions.

Approaching the steep side by boat, one discovers a slab with an inscription to the Queen Amalasunta who was murdered on the island, as a legend tells us.

The only daughter of Theoderich the Great, married to the Gothic king Theohad, who was at the same time her worst political enemy. She was exiled to the island Martana and murdered there by order of her husband in 535.


Getting up early can be very worthwile. There are a lot of interesting animlas such as wildboars, badgers, marten foxes, porcupines, buzzards.

The space would not be enough to mention all kinds of fishes in the lake.

The most appreciated and known fish is the "Coregone" - simply fried with oil and rosmary.



The Miracle of Bolsena
Bolsena is the ancient Etruscan city which gave the name to the lake. In 1263, in the church of "Santa Cristina", supposedly happened the so called "Miracle of Bolsena", of a great importance for the catholic religion.
A Bohemian priest on his way to Rome, whilst celebrating mass in St. Christine church, had doubts about the Transsubstantiation, that is the incarnation of Christ in the Host. But at the moment of consecration the Host began to bleed profusely. At the time Pope Urban IV was in neraby Orvieto. He declared the happening as a miracle and instituted the feast of "Corpus Domini" one of the most important religious celebrations. Bolsena recalls this day by a feast adorning its streets in the historical city centre with a mile long flower carpet. Almost the whole population of the town takes part in the preparation.